word from the front

A year ago, I started this web log with a groovy little mission statement – something about bathing in the murky waters of the macabre – and an idea that I would sit down to a hearty feast of arts and entertainments, chronicling each new discovery and peppering the ongoing reportage with anecdotes drawn from a dimly remembered youth.

Shortly afterwards, having written exactly three posts of varying quality, I was struck down by a debilitating case of indecision. I questioned my fitness for the job and, in a panic, hurried off to procrastinate further and consider whether I was qualified to write anything other than rude words in bus shelters.

During that period of intense navel-gazing, I realised that the aforementioned feast would take any mere mortal three lifetimes to consume. I thought myself to be a potato worthy of any couch, and a fairly well-read one at that, but still a Kafkaesque tower of books and films piled precariously upon my desk, like some exaggerated, Expressionist nightmare.  Oh, the Horror, Ludwig!! Where would we even begin?!

Yet, having established that there was a limit to how much the blog could cover, was it even worth the worry? I silenced the fretful, imaginary chorus, determined to begin cautiously by re-visiting a few perennial favourites, and to then proceed from there. Of greater concern to the anxious host of a fledgeling horror blog, sifting through countless other sites on the old FingerBobs, was the question of whether the world actually needed yet another compilation of 100 Most Horrifying Horror Films of All Time… Ever!

The answer, of course, is that it doesn’t, and neither has the online community been on meat hooks awaiting the birth of family blackwood’s next, slithering article. Then the pin dropped; rather than being a barrier, this lack of expectation was license to write whenever, however and whatever. And similarly, that accumulated wealth of opinion needn’t be a deterrent to my two-penneth, but could be an invitation to contribute to the dialogue. Instead of waiting for permission, I simply had to get on with it.

So then…

© RMRenfield and Blackwood Article, 2015